The Anatomy of a Snow Day

Today we are having a snow day.   We don’t get very many of those here.  Snow?  Yes.  Snow days where my human has the day off work? Very rarely- maybe once a year.   So today we have “winter storm Juno,” which was supposed to be historic, but the jury is still out on that (we have about 18 inches and counting, my human would guess).     I wanted to show people who have never had a snow day what one looks like.  At least in our house. 5AM  The guy is plowing our driveway and I am TERRIFIED!!   The only safe spot when the plow monster arrives is on a human’s chest where you can pant and breathe directly into their nose.  (Bonus points if your human tells you that your breath smells like garbage.)


6AM Mom puts on netflix and we all drift off (Criminal minds marathon is happening today). 8AM Mom gets up, drinks a diet root beer, eats some Reeses Peanut Butter Cups and we drift off again. IMG_1300IMG_1305


9AM  Mom decides to let us out.  Neither of us wants to go off the porch.   Gussy decides to hold it, I pee on the neighbor’s porch. We go back in and watch several more episodes of Criminal Minds.  Mom eats a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Mom realizes that she really needs Gus to pee. She is sure his eyes are turning yellow and that his back teeth are floating.  She starts to gear up so she can actually walk us off the porch.  She learns that she is not the same size she was since she last went skiing so she has to resort to sweat pants.  Gus gets super excited about the fact that she is putting on socks


Really, he’s excited.   We are both excited, until we realize we need to get suited up for the weather too. IMG_1314 We venture out and refuse to look at mom for photo taking purposes, because, hello?  Blizzard IMG_6610 IMG_6613 IMG_6614 IMG_6617 Mom took this picture of our front door, where you can barely see the stairs! Whoa!  (living our whole lives in New England, we still find it fascinating when snow buries things.) IMG_6608 We got back in and my best good sister reminded mom that although mom has been stuffing her face all morning, she had neglected to feed us four legged roomies.   That Meredith is good for some things, I suppose.  My tummy thanks you Mere! IMG_0760 So now it’s noonish and there is no reason to describe the rest of the day because we are back to this: IMG_1297 There will probably be frozen pizza later though!  We are hoping our fellow snow dayers are staying warm!!  How do you spend YOUR snow days???

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15 thoughts on “The Anatomy of a Snow Day

  1. Fascinating Peter. We, including Mom, have lived in Northern California our whole lives. We have no concept of snow days. Gramma lives in the foothills of the Sierras, so we have played in the snow, but 6 inches, maximum and only a few times. But if snow days consist of eating and schnuggling the human, we are in!


  2. Rugby says:

    That is my favorite photo of Meredith ever!! She looks to be a bit high on the catnip 😉


  3. irps says:

    We’ve never had a snow day in San Diego! But we would be up for it. Snuggling and watching Netflix sounds like a great day.


  4. amyemmarob says:

    Opps. That IRPS person was actually Amy Robinson (IG handle amyemmarob)


  5. Diane, Tucker and Peppy says:

    We love your blog. Funny and interesting, the best of both.
    Love you all.


  6. Ces says:

    Love your blog! So funny. Glad Gus is staying with you. We never have snow here. We don’t even have winter! Just sunny and rainy. Must be so hard to get out of bed when weather is so cold and gloomy. Keep yourselves warm. Hope you get your pizza 😊😍😘❤️


  7. SerendipityJane says:

    We don’t get snow days here in Perth (Western Australia) so this is fascinating for us. No terrifying plow men here, just the rubbish collection truck and the evil vacuum cleaner!!! 🙂


  8. Nancy says:

    We also don’t get snow days in Oz. Just bushfires and cyclones….we all have a Mother Nature adversary just different varieties! Here’s hoping the power stays on…snow days without heat/cable TV would really suck! Stay warm guys.x


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