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Adventures of Peter and Jillian!

So our human has been pretty straight out for months, so this week she is having a “Staycation.”  It’s just what the doctor ordered.   Day one of our staycation included an adventure!  Mom wanted to go to Dogtown, which is the ruins of a colonial era town up in Gloucester.    We did not find any of the carved boulders or the basement ruins, but we had a great time exploring and we found out that Jillian likes to swim!  Check out her swimming video on Instagram or the complete video on my Facebook page.  Here are a few photos from our time in Dogtown.

This was the human’s view for most of the walk:


This is Jilly’s tush




This is the moment that mom realized she has a swimmer on her hands..


 IMG_2369 IMG_2368 IMG_2365 IMG_2355

So we had a great time but it was too wet for my mom and I.  Jilly could have stayed forever.  She freaking LOVES mud and water.  She’s very odd.  We think she is part pig.

Next we took a little walk around Rockport


This is a lovely little town on Cape Ann.  That red building you see there is Motif #1 which is supposedly the most painted building in America.   It was also seen in the movie “The Proposal” which is supposed to take place in Alaska.  When mom saw it in the theater, she turned to Gussy’s mom and said “that’s not Alaska, that’s Rockport!”  Fellow theater patrons were not impressed.

We refused to pose and Jilly spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to get into the harbor, but here are a few subpar photos:

IMG_2404 IMG_2409

Sorry.  Sucky Models Photographer.

We are REALLY tired.  Barely moving, really.

Adventure on, Barkners…