The Results are IN

Well Barkners, the results are in and we have a general idea of what breeds Ms. JillyBean in and we are SHOCKED.


Jill was knocked right over in shock.

So here’s what we got:

Jilly is:

A Jack Russell Terrier and Bloodhound Mix.  

How does this even happen?

Here is a JRT:


Here is a Bloodhound:


Soooo I at first I was hesitant.  I mean I really see the JRT in her, but the bloodhound was a bit of mystery.

The results report that one parent was a JRT/bloodhound mix (half and half) and that the other parent was a half JRT and half “mixed breed.”

Jill is definitely a JRT mix.  She is obsessive and friendly and she loves her tennis balls.  Plus she looks a bit like a rough coat JRT.

The bloodhound traits describe a calm and friendly dog which are traits that Jill has in spades.   She is also very intelligent.

The “mixed breed” part of Jill could be: English Setter, Argentine Doge (hahahaha), Toy Poodle, bulldog and Affenpinscher.

So what do you all think?  I fully believe the JRT and who knows about that one grandparent that seems to be a bloodhound, but I do know one thing for sure.   I freaking love this dog.   And sorry Westie lovers….

A link to her full results can be find here:

Jilly’s Results

What do you all think?


2 thoughts on “The Results are IN

  1. Kimberly Chaney says:

    Perfect just they way she is!


  2. Rugby says:

    Scandalous 😉 !!


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