Meredith- True Schnauzytown Stories

In honor of Caturday, I am sharing the story of my little Tuxedo Sister, Meredith.   As I told you, Gussy’s mom had a tuxedo cat named Reily when she moved in with us.  Reily was and is a portly fellow who never has any interest in playing unless there is food or significant amounts of catnip involved.  Mom found this boring.   She often expressed to Gussy’s mom that she would like Reily to play with her.   Gussy’s mom should have seen the signs and stopped this before it started, but alas she did not.  Totally all Mama A’s fault.

Mom used to have some goldfish.  They were big and time consuming and Mom and Mama A had to go to PetSmart to get some fishy supplies.   By some sort of terrible coincidence, Kitty Connection was having an adoption event.   Natch, the mamas had to go check out the kittens up for adoption and a tiny tuxie named Tina caught Mom’s eye because she looked so much like Mr. Reily-Pants.  The volunteer offered to let mom hold the tiny kitty, but warned her that she was squirmy.  Mom is a sucker.   Anyone could see this scam from ten miles away, but not my old lady.  So I think you can see where this is going.  Mom stood in the store for almost an hour holding a very NOT SQUIRMY cuddly little Tina and found she couldn’t give her back.  So we ended up with this:


Mom didn’t feel that Tina was really a good name for her so she named her Meredith after the small town in New Hampshire where she had spent her summers growing up and where her dad still has a home.

Here’s a photo of my face after meeting her.  Note my look of despair.  It was partially due to having to wear a citronella collar to keep me from parking in tiny Meredith’s face.  Now luckily she doesn’t care and I am allowed to bark in her face all I want. (Quick human note to all those parents of barky barkners out there, this citronella collar has been a life saver on several occasions, but I don’t use it often- better than a shock!)

1913720_180894308859_6536714_nSo now momma’s little girl is five years old.   And since Reily has moved out she’s grown kind of portly herself due to lack of competition for food.   Here is what I think is the only photo of Meredith with Reily that exists (I think it’s because there was only one open window in the house)


As a side note, mom is really wishing the forecast on the TV in this picture was our forecast now.

So now we have Miss MereBear in all her goofy glory.  Ten facts about my silly sister:

1.  She cries when we leave the house.  Like a dog

2.  She is so useful in knocking treats off the counter.  I love her for it.

3.  We play and wrestle frequently, but we NEVER cuddle.

4.  She weighs 10 pounds.  She weighed 8 pounds last year.  Mom says “whoops”

5. She is missing one of her canine teeth because it broke.  Having that one removed probably saved the rest of her teeth because she had really bad teeth as a kitten and because she broke that one she had two dental cleanings in one year.  Now her teeth are perfect.

6. She loves laying on mom.  Mom finds this endearing.  Most of the time.

7. She never has accidents outside the litter box.  For this mom loves her and I am disappointed because I can’t get into her litter box.

8.  Gus is desperate to eat her.

9. Mom tries to keep her off the kitchen table, but has pretty much given up because she rarely eats at the table anyway.  Like never.

10. She is a big purrer.  She even purrs at the vet making it impossible for the vet to hear her heart.

Here are some photos from a special Caturday Photo shoot this morning.  Let us know if there is anything else you need to know about my crazy cat sis!

IMG_1386 IMG_1388 IMG_1404 IMG_1391


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5 thoughts on “Meredith- True Schnauzytown Stories

  1. Lola says:

    Hi Peter! Big fan of you and your sister!! 🙂 and about her, does she has a bad/annoying habbit whith you or your mom? and how does your mom to keep away Guss from Meredith?…because he wants to eat her. And finally do you say she is a classy lady or kinda “tomboy” girl? Have a nice weekend!!


  2. Rugby says:

    Haha, wonder why Gus wants to eat her so much! Love that photo of baby Mere and you so disappointed 😉


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