Sunday Funday!

Hi Barkners!

Today we had a luau at Durty Harry’s in Brookline.  We were joined by several pals and my old lady took several low quality photographs as per usual, but we will share them here nonetheless.  We were joined by Pawblo Picasso and Mike and Christian from 2 Dog’s Treats.  We wore leis and hawaiian shirts and pretended that we were outside and the temperature was a balmy 75 degrees, instead of chilly temperatures and flurries, which was the reality.  Without further ado, here are some photographs from the event.

Here I am greeting my guests:


Gussy and I took sheriffing the event very seriously.  Mom was humiliated and told me to “shut my piehole” like forty seven times, but she clearly did know how important my job was.



I was very very very very loud.  I did meet a schnauz named Rose who barks once a week.  I had to really sniff to make sure she was schnauz.


I checked in with my sister to make sure she was ok:


And she checked in with everyone cause she’s kind of a cuddle floozy:


Some Doods did some SERIOUS playing. Gus tried to join them as well:


And then, some TREATS were distrubited!


Then things got a little out of hand, so I made mom put the camera away.  What happens at the luau, sometimes should just stay at the luau.  (There was some serious humping with a few Westies, a few Scotties and a schnauzer who shall remain unamed)

Thanks everyone for the great time!  We hope to do it again REAL SOON!


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4 thoughts on “Sunday Funday!

  1. Starr Herscovitch says:

    Love it. Enjoyed every word. Many thanks for sharing your fun adventure today. And Peter, it’s ok to be loud a luau.


  2. Tammy Doiron says:

    I love your blogging Peter! I’ve never heard of a non-noisy schnauzer. 🙂


  3. Rugby says:

    That pic of Jill under the easel is way too cute!!!


  4. Smokes & Sophs says:

    Those shirts are just too much for mom to handle! Did Jamie find those in the toddler section or are they legit dog shirts?!? Looks like Jill is making her way just fine 😍 glad you and Gussy were there to keep everyone safe, even if mom told you to shut your pie hole a hundred times!


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