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Sunday Funday!

Hi Barkners!

Today we had a luau at Durty Harry’s in Brookline.  We were joined by several pals and my old lady took several low quality photographs as per usual, but we will share them here nonetheless.  We were joined by Pawblo Picasso and Mike and Christian from 2 Dog’s Treats.  We wore leis and hawaiian shirts and pretended that we were outside and the temperature was a balmy 75 degrees, instead of chilly temperatures and flurries, which was the reality.  Without further ado, here are some photographs from the event.

Here I am greeting my guests:


Gussy and I took sheriffing the event very seriously.  Mom was humiliated and told me to “shut my piehole” like forty seven times, but she clearly did know how important my job was.



I was very very very very loud.  I did meet a schnauz named Rose who barks once a week.  I had to really sniff to make sure she was schnauz.


I checked in with my sister to make sure she was ok:


And she checked in with everyone cause she’s kind of a cuddle floozy:


Some Doods did some SERIOUS playing. Gus tried to join them as well:


And then, some TREATS were distrubited!


Then things got a little out of hand, so I made mom put the camera away.  What happens at the luau, sometimes should just stay at the luau.  (There was some serious humping with a few Westies, a few Scotties and a schnauzer who shall remain unamed)

Thanks everyone for the great time!  We hope to do it again REAL SOON!


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The Anatomy of a Snow Day

Today we are having a snow day.   We don’t get very many of those here.  Snow?  Yes.  Snow days where my human has the day off work? Very rarely- maybe once a year.   So today we have “winter storm Juno,” which was supposed to be historic, but the jury is still out on that (we have about 18 inches and counting, my human would guess).     I wanted to show people who have never had a snow day what one looks like.  At least in our house. 5AM  The guy is plowing our driveway and I am TERRIFIED!!   The only safe spot when the plow monster arrives is on a human’s chest where you can pant and breathe directly into their nose.  (Bonus points if your human tells you that your breath smells like garbage.)


6AM Mom puts on netflix and we all drift off (Criminal minds marathon is happening today). 8AM Mom gets up, drinks a diet root beer, eats some Reeses Peanut Butter Cups and we drift off again. IMG_1300IMG_1305


9AM  Mom decides to let us out.  Neither of us wants to go off the porch.   Gussy decides to hold it, I pee on the neighbor’s porch. We go back in and watch several more episodes of Criminal Minds.  Mom eats a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Mom realizes that she really needs Gus to pee. She is sure his eyes are turning yellow and that his back teeth are floating.  She starts to gear up so she can actually walk us off the porch.  She learns that she is not the same size she was since she last went skiing so she has to resort to sweat pants.  Gus gets super excited about the fact that she is putting on socks


Really, he’s excited.   We are both excited, until we realize we need to get suited up for the weather too. IMG_1314 We venture out and refuse to look at mom for photo taking purposes, because, hello?  Blizzard IMG_6610 IMG_6613 IMG_6614 IMG_6617 Mom took this picture of our front door, where you can barely see the stairs! Whoa!  (living our whole lives in New England, we still find it fascinating when snow buries things.) IMG_6608 We got back in and my best good sister reminded mom that although mom has been stuffing her face all morning, she had neglected to feed us four legged roomies.   That Meredith is good for some things, I suppose.  My tummy thanks you Mere! IMG_0760 So now it’s noonish and there is no reason to describe the rest of the day because we are back to this: IMG_1297 There will probably be frozen pizza later though!  We are hoping our fellow snow dayers are staying warm!!  How do you spend YOUR snow days???

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All about Gus


I wanted to tell you about our best barkner buddy, Gus.  Almost twenty years ago before me and before Gus, two humans moved into a freshman dorm at the University of New Hampshire.  They lived next door to eachother and mom could hear Gussy’s mom’s TV and heard that she was watching the coverage of Princess Diana’s death.  Our moms have been friends EVER SINCE.

Over the years they drifted apart and became close again.   When my human got me, they weren’t that close.  She had a kitty named Reily and had been bitten by a dog as a child, so she wasn’t a big fan of dogs.   Gussy’s mom finished college, and wanted to move from Boston from New Hampshire to start her career (mom always says she was on the “ten year plan,”  mom had graduated 6 years earlier).  Mom had an open room in her condo in South Boston and Mama A needed place to live, so they reluctantly moved in together.  So Reily and Mama A joined our household around 2005.

Mama A didn’t really care for me because I am a dog and she was clearly a speciesist.  I like to think I did my duty to act as an ambassador for dog kind.

When she first moved in, she said “Peter is not allowed in my room, this is Reily’s space.”  Mom agreed and did her best to keep me out of Mama A’s room.  This lasted for like a week, maybe.   Mama A said:

“Ok, so he can come in my room, but he’s not allowed on the bed.”  Clearly she didn’t know I’m allowed everywhere.  I tried to respect her, but as before I wormed my way onto her bed.  And mom came home to find this new development and found this amusing, but unsurprising.

“OK,” Gussy’s mama said, “but he’s not allowed under the covers.”

I think you can guess what happened after that.  During the time they lived with us. mom got very sick and Mama A had to take care of me alone and she did that for many months.  Mom is forever grateful that she was able to do that because I was completely instrumental in mom’s recovery.

We all moved together and we moved to a nice condo with a big fenced in yard.  Mama A decided she wanted a puppy too.  And she wanted a schnauz as well.   So she did her research and found a litter of puppies in the western part of the state that was described as an “accidental” litter between two family schnauzers, Deisel and Coco.   Mom, Mom’s sister (many of you know her as Moe or Pawblo) and Mama A went to visit these puppies and Gusaroo fell asleep in Moe’s lap.   That what was made the decision for Mama A, but she insisted that I meet Gus before making the final decision.

So we drove out a few weeks later to see if I approved of this addition to the household.  I didn’t.  But they clearly ignored my wishes.   But now I am so glad they did, cause Gus really is my best good buddy.  Even when he tries to eat my sister.   Gussy and his momma moved out a year and a half ago because Mama A bought her own place, but she travels a lot for work so we still get Gussy sometimes.   Sometimes she brings him to Moe’s though.   I am so glad I was able to show Mama A how awesome dogs can be and we are so lucky to have Gussy in our lives, even if he is not full schnuaz.  Apparently Coco was a bit of a hussy.

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