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JillyBean- True Schnauzytown Stories

So here’s a story of a lovely lady named Jill, who was waiting around at MSPCA’s Nevin’s Farm for some sucker kind human to come whisk her angelic face away to her forever home.   Her old caretaker had apparently been incarcerated.   (My human’s nosy side is tortured by the absence of more information than that.)   The vets at the MSPCA had estimated her age to be around 14 and she was quite, er, portly.   Gussy and his Momma, who as you know used to be our roommates, live up around Nevin’s farm and mom likes to go on weekends to look at all the animals that they have there and she likes to pretend she’s going to take one home.

This should go without saying, but obviously all this pretending was most likely going to turn real sooner or later.

Two weeks ago, it did.   Mom and Mama A went into Nevin’s farm and the last pup that they saw was this mess:


She was chunky and crusty and she had poo stuck to her bum.

Mom was in love.

She walked little miss Jilly around for a bit and then ran right into the adoption center and asked for an application.  She was told that there had to be blood work and that someone else had already applied to adopt her.  This was perfect for mom.  She was trying, but there was a good chance it wouldn’t work out, so it didn’t feel like a commitment yet.

The moms ran around and did errands and a few hours later mom got an email from the director of the adoption center saying that the first family backed out because they wanted a younger dog.  Dummies.   Mom immediately wrote back and said she was interested pending blood results.

That’s when the panic set in.  Mom is not allowed to have two dogs in her condo.  Mom didn’t know if she could do this.  Mom talked to friends and family and panicked.  She’s fluent in panic and anxiety.  She got permission from her neighbors and she felt a lot better.  She realized that was the thing bothering her the most.  She made her decision on the following Monday when she heard that Jilly’s blood work was normal.  All that was left was to pick her up on the next Saturday.  She fretted over her teeth, then learned that the MSPCA would be doing the dental surgery before mom got her.  Everything seemed right and was falling into place.

Saturday, March 7th, 2015. The moms and I went to Nevin’s farm so I could meet my potential new sister.  She loved my bum and I didn’t snap at her.  The rest was history.  Here are a few pictures of us when we first met:

IMG_6972 IMG_6979She loved me immediately.  Especially my bum.  Before I knew it, we were back in the car and somehow, I was in the back seat:


She got a bath at Mama A’s house and we just relaxed for the rest of the afternoon.  She made herself comfy VERY quickly.

IMG_6983 IMG_6992 IMG_6989

A week later, I wouldn’t say we love eachother, but honestly, mom can’t imagine life without her:


Welcome to the family, Jilly Bean!


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Sunday Funday!

Hi Barkners!

Today we had a luau at Durty Harry’s in Brookline.  We were joined by several pals and my old lady took several low quality photographs as per usual, but we will share them here nonetheless.  We were joined by Pawblo Picasso and Mike and Christian from 2 Dog’s Treats.  We wore leis and hawaiian shirts and pretended that we were outside and the temperature was a balmy 75 degrees, instead of chilly temperatures and flurries, which was the reality.  Without further ado, here are some photographs from the event.

Here I am greeting my guests:


Gussy and I took sheriffing the event very seriously.  Mom was humiliated and told me to “shut my piehole” like forty seven times, but she clearly did know how important my job was.



I was very very very very loud.  I did meet a schnauz named Rose who barks once a week.  I had to really sniff to make sure she was schnauz.


I checked in with my sister to make sure she was ok:


And she checked in with everyone cause she’s kind of a cuddle floozy:


Some Doods did some SERIOUS playing. Gus tried to join them as well:


And then, some TREATS were distrubited!


Then things got a little out of hand, so I made mom put the camera away.  What happens at the luau, sometimes should just stay at the luau.  (There was some serious humping with a few Westies, a few Scotties and a schnauzer who shall remain unamed)

Thanks everyone for the great time!  We hope to do it again REAL SOON!


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